I am a researcher in Human-centred security. I seek to answer questions relating to security, privacy and trust at the intersection between humans and digital technologies, in particular the Internet. Current Research interests include, but are not limited to:

Areas of Interest

Human Factors in Security:

  • Exploits against humans: Phishing, Social Engineering, Human Error;
  • Cyber Psychology and Human Behaviour;
  • Security by Design, Usability and Situational Awareness;
  • Cybercrime.

Machine Learning for Cybersecurity:

  • IoT Botnet and DDoS Detection;
  • Fake news (misinformation) and trustworthy content on social networks and the Internet.

If you are interested in studying for a PhD in any of the topics above, please get in touch

Outside of my academic research, I write about Digital Wellbeing and Privacy where I explore tools and strategies that can help us lead healthy, safe and authentic digital lives. Specifically, how to manage our digital footprint and online persona.

Selected Published work

Scholary Activities

I have held various roles, in academia and industry. A selected set of these is listed below.

Public Engagement: Talks and Articles

  • British Science Week (Workshop) Capture The Flag (CTF) events explained Link (2022)

  • Cyber Scotland Week (Workshop sponsored by SICSA ) What to expect and how to get involved in a Capture The Flag (CTF) event Zoom link (2022)

  • TrackGenesis (Invited Talk Aberdeen) Innovation Skills - Demystifying Blockchain Zoom link (2022)

  • Nimbus-Blue (Panel Member) Ask the Cyber Guys Link (2022)

  • Fintech Times (Interview) Facial Recognition and Fingerprints – Foolish or Fool Proof? Link (2022)

  • Security Advisor Middle East (Article) High Alert: Advanced Persistent Threats Issue 45 (2020)

  • British Council (Invited Talk: Beijing, Qingdao, Hangzhou, Shenzen, Kunming, Hong Kong) Digital Footprint & WiFi Triangulation (2018)

  • British Council (Invited Talk: Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea) Dark Data & Digital Footprints (2017)

  • British Council (Invited Talk: Pune, Chennai) IoT Security (2017)

  • British Computer Society (Invited Talk: Aberdeen) Security in the Internet of Things (2016)

Editorial Activities

Higher Education Engagement