refine your digital interactions so they continue to support the goals and activities you want to pursue but minimise your exposure to risk and unhealthy relationships with technology


I believe we are at a crossroads. The Internet has brought about some fantastic innovations, however, in some cases technologies that were meant to liberate us have in fact exploited areas of human psychology, leaving many of us addicted to our phones, endlessly checking social media feeds, and comparing ourselves against the carefully curated digital versions of the people we follow.

In addition, privacy is severely under threat as tech companies gather our information online and sell it to the highest bidder. The profits of their social media platforms depends not only on predicting our behaviour but in some cases modifying it too ( read my book review to learn more ).

The good news is we can still turn this ship around. Technology is not inherently evil, and with the right philosophy it can provide value and enrich our lives. It’s still possible to reap the benefits and rewards of the technologies we use, but in a safe and healthy manner.



To implement my philosophy I recommend a three part strategy in which you optimise your use of technology to ensure that all your digital interactions are safe, secure and support the values and ambitions you hold  

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