During the Covid-19 lockdown, I started a weekly newsletter called McDermott Musings. You can sign up here

In only a short space of time it has grown in popularity, with many readers saying it has really encouraged them to explore how to get a happier, healthier, and more productive relationship with technology.

Each week I send out a small exclusive email to subscribers. In this, I share some thoughts about subjects I’ve been pondering, along with tips on how to use technology better, and how to stay safe while maintaining your privacy online.

In any given Musing you might find a link to a thought provoking podcast interview or a book I think you will find interesting and challenging. Be warned, some of my musings may challenge you to rethink things you have taken for granted, often resulting in lively and topical debate with subscribers. This, however, is fantastic, as it will give you an opportunity to ‘think out loud’.

I am particularly interested in exploring the influence of technology on our lives, and how we can take back control. We all have unique experiences and can learn from one another. Therefore, I encourage everyone to contribute to the debate.

What else can you expect from a Musing? Who knows, I’m interested in a lot of stuff! If you want to see a few samples, you can see them here.

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