Chris McDermott

We all know (hopefully) we should take security seriously. Indeed, the frequency and impact of security threats continue to evolve, with new threats emerging almost daily. We also have to acknowledge that we live in a highly connected world using technology and the Internet daily to gather information from websites, collaborate on projects, connect remote employees to company networks, or utilise cloud platforms to do business. Each of the activities exposes us to some element of risk, therefore, it is fair to say that completely avoiding risk is probably impossible.

And this, I believe, is where complacency can often creep in (leaving a window of opportunity for hackers) since we can easily default to “Well if I cannot do anything to prevent being hacked, why bother ?” Of course, I hope you would agree that this is not a wise default position to drawback to. Instead, we need to look for simple ways to mitigate risk (as far as possible) to allow us to utilise technology safely to enhance parts of our lives.

Exploring these thoughts and finding solutions we can all adopt, is another motivating factor for starting this blog. I have grown increasingly concerned with the speed with which we often dismiss security and privacy and trade this freely for convenience and the need to have the newest, latest gadget or technology.

I believe we need to rethink this area, and my hope with this blog is that you will join me on this journey to discover what this will look like.